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A journey through space, time, & music.

Radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there—and the older the music you’ll hear.

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Made by
Mike Lacher
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Chris Baker

Although has radiowaves reaching over 100 lightyears into space, due to the Inverse Square Law of Propagation, any terrestrial radio broadcast would become nothing but background noise just a few light years away from Earth. So take comfort in knowing that all those awesome constellations up there will never hear Rebecca Black.

Some stars (like secondary stars in binary systems) have been removed for display purposes. Though colors have been tweaked to represent the color temperature of each star, their radii are not accurate.

Track listings were pulled from over 120 years of Billboard data, compiled by the ongoing Whitburn project.

Yes. This site was inspired by the opening of Contact. No, we’re not poets.

You’ve reached the end of human broadcasts from Earth.

How far did you travel?

The 1 pixel white dot above in our region of the Milky Way is 300 light years in diameter. So, not very far in the grand scheme of things.

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